We believe that as the younger generations are growing up, they are not receiving enough music opportunities where they can freely express themselves. Nabi Music Center is the only marketplace thriving to give families and children a chance to grow and explore new things musically. We help parents make informed decisions in finding the right music instructor, while we also build a destination for passionate music instructors to find fulfilling employment and career opportunities.

Nabi Music Center is made by musicians. Based on our own experiences we believe learning an instrument can help children acquire the skills needed to succeed in today’s society. We love music and we want to share it by teaching it.



Vanessa founded Nabi Music Center in 2014 with a simple mission to share the love for music through education. The best way to accomplish that mission was to build a community that linked highly-qualified music instructors with passionate music students.

Vanessa’s passion for music has led to her participation in different festivals and projects, including the Kennedy American College Theatre Festival, in which she received the National Award for Excellence in Sound Design and the Stage Craft Institute In Las Vegas award for Excellence in Sound Design.

Vanessa graduated in 2012 from the University of Massachusetts Boston with degrees in International Management and Political Science. She completed the Ableton Live Music Production program at Dubspot, and is currently pursuing a Music Performance Degree at the University of Massachusetts Boston.


RYLEE MCGUIRE- Marketing Assistant and Communications Manager

Rylee is an an extraordinary teammate and supporter. As one of the first Nabi members, she is helping grow the community while maintaining an optimistic and collaborative culture.

Rylee’s teamwork skills have led her to be Captain of the Field Hockey team at Manhattanville College, where she is currently pursuing her bachelors in Communications and Marketing.

She has a love for music, dogs, children, ice-cream, water and writing.


COLBY LOCKE- Marketing Assistant & Data Analyst

Colby’s exceptional loyalty, commitment and dedication has led him to become an integral force at Nabi Music Center. As a Business Administration student at Mount Ida College, Colby has great self-discipline and organizational skills.

He particularly enjoys organizing and analyzing data to measure the company’s success and achievements. Colby is into Blink 182, sports, comics and loves social media.