You want a teacher who will inspire and nurture your child’s musical growth and love for music. When looking for a music teacher:
1. Ask friends and parents of your child’s peers.
2. Don’t overlook local music teacher organizations, music stores, schools or churches.
3. Look for trial lessons. This is a great way to test how the personalities mesh.
4. Pay attention to your child. Does your child seem to genuinely like the teacher?
5. Humor is essential in dealing with children. Your child will really enjoy the lessons if they include laughter.
6. Age can be tricky. More experienced does not necessarily means better. A young, enthusiastic teacher, such as a recent graduate, may be your best choice.
7. Profiles are very useful. If the teacher has a website or a profile page on a website take time to look at it!
8. Is location important to you? How far are you willing to drive for the most appropriate teacher? Do you want a teacher who comes to your house?
9. Check her availability. Does she teach after school? Saturdays or Sundays? Evenings?
10 Price. How much does the instructor charge per lesson and how long are the lesson.

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