Introducing children to music lessons is essential in providing them with a well-rounded education. Whether your child is interested in a popular instrument like piano or guitar or something more unusual like trombone or cello, chances are good that you will be able to find a private instructor. 

A common concern is whether or not your child’s music lessons should take place in your own home or at the instructor’s home or studio.

The truth is that there is no right or wrong answer. All children have different personalities and learning tendencies. Some children learn better in a familiar space while other can concentrate more when they are away from their family.

While there are pros and cons of having your child’s music lessons occur at home, there are extreme benefits to taking music lessons at home that simply cannot be overlooked:

-No travel expenses. Saves you time, money and fuel.

-More comfortable. Your child can relax in an environment she is familiar with.

-Parents can be more involved. You can play a more active role in your child’s learning experience.

-Better learning. Learning and practicing in the same location increases memory and retention.

-Better prepared. Your child will not deal with forgetting to pack up her books and materials so she will always be ready for her lessons.

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